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Welcome to the Zel Ecosystem⚓︎

The complete package blockchain suite that enables users to interact with crypto (and blockchain in general) with ease.

Zel Modules⚓︎

Logo Module Description
zellogo Zel Currency Onboarding & Gas for the Ecosystem
zellogo ZelCore Multi-asset wallet & platform to use the Ecosystem
zellogo ZelNodes Enterprise-grade computing hardware to underpin the Ecosystem
zellogo ZelFlux Control layer to deploy secured dApps on the Ecosystem
zellogo ZelID Navigate seamlessly and anonymously through the Ecosystem
zellogo ZelLabs Get proper incubation for your blockchain project with the Ecosystem
zellogo ZelFoundation The community-controlled wing of the Ecosystem

Current Module Builds⚓︎

Module Version
Zel Daemon v4.0.3
ZelCore v3.10.0
ZelCore Mobile v3.6.0
ZelNodes v1.0
ZelFlux v1.1.0
ZelBench v1.4.2
ZelID v1.0