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ZelBench Commands⚓︎

This page describes the available CLI commands for ZelNode Benchmarking Daemon


These commands are available when SSH'd into your ZelNode or through your VPS's dashboard/console

List of Commands

  • getinfo
  • getstatus
  • signzelnodetransactions
  • restartnodebenchmarks
  • getbenchmarks

Command Explanations⚓︎

getinfo returns general zelbench daemon info

zelbench-cli getinfo

Example Response

  "version": "1.4.2",
  "rpcport": 16224

getstatus returns current connection status and ZelNode tier

zelbench-cli getstatus

Example Response

  "status": "online",
  "benchmarking": "BAMF",
  "zelback": "connected"

signzelnodetransaction Command to get benchmarkd to sign a zelnode broadcast

zelbench-cli signzelnodebroadcast "HEXSTRING"


"HEXSTRING" - (string) The hex encoded zelnode broadcast message

restartnodebenchmarks re-run ZelNode benchmarking tests

zelbench-cli restartnodebenchmarks


ZelNode will re-run performance tests for hardware configuration, drive write speeds, and CPU calculation speeds

getbenchmarks output latest benchmarking scores

zelbench-cli getbenchmarks

Example Response

  "ipaddress": "YOURIPv4",
  "status": "BAMF",
  "time": 1586302461,
  "cores": 8,
  "ram": 32,
  "ssd": 0,
  "hdd": 4711.2998046875,
  "ddwrite": 517.530029296875,
  "eps": 1057.89794921875


It is OK if benchmarking is showing "hdd" instead of "ssd" for now. The "ddwrite" speeds telling the network that your drive(s) are SSDs